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Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Here are some fabulous gift ideas for all the wonderful ladies in your life that you can shop directly from Pink Wasabi! We thought it would be nice to give you a little help choosing something that’s unique to the ladies you’re shopping for. Each item is numbered and the number will match a description and link directly to that item’s page! Not sure we could make it any easier, so here goes:

  1. Jeweled Crescent Earrings: Perfect for the ladies with classic style who prefer a stud with a little flare. ($12)
  2. Light Up the Sky Ring: If you need a little something extra to put under the tree for the trendsetter who loves changing up her rings regularly. ($7)
  3. Carolina Pearl Bib Necklace: This is for the classic statement necklace queen! This lady prioritizes her looks based on her need to wear a particular necklace. ($30)
  4. Adrianne Shoulder Bag: This was a very popular bag for us and we’ve brought it back in a few new colors! Designed for the girl on the go since it holds so much and can be worn in a few different ways. Bonus: It’s 100% Vegan. Named after one of our favorite girls, Adrianne F. in Philly ♥ ($49)
  5. Kelly Fringe Satchel: This is the quintessential boho chic bag, perfect for the fashion forward free spirit! Named after another fabulous friend and almost hippie, Kelly L. in San Francisco ♥ ($60)
  6. Marquise Fringe Necklace: So in love with this necklace! This one is a favorite of most women. It’s a classic layered style with a mixed metal appeal that goes with pretty much everything! You’re safe with this one. ($20)
  7. Sahara Tusk Necklace: This spin on the classic tusk pendant necklace has a few lovely little details that most women will love! Grab this for the girl that lives in black attire. ($19)
  8. Chloe Bib Necklace: Here’s another choice for that statement necklace lover! This is perfect for that edgy yet chic fashionista who likes taking fashion risks, and alway gets it right. ($40)
  9. Antique Jewel Earrings: These are a favorite of ours! We love them in all color combinations (we have 3). If you’re having trouble choosing a color, select the one that would look best against her hair color. ($18)
  10. Geometric Hand Chain: Reserve this one for the woman who loves to be different! If “everyone” is wearing it, she’d rather die? Yea, this is for her. ($15)
  11. lokai: If you have a zen yogi in your life, she’ll love that you thought about her need for balance and peace. With water from Mt. Everest and Mud from the Dead Sea you really can’t go wrong sharing the mantra that accompanies this bracelets. ($18)
  12. Eva Evening Bag: This is such a glamorous piece of arm candy, you may only imagine wearing it over the holidays or for special occasions. However, if you’re shopping for the woman that loves to brunch and socialize, this bag is perfect! It holds a lot more than just a phone and some lip gloss and can be worn year round. ($45)
  13. Pamela Chain Tote: Grab this for the woman that’s constantly on the go and always needs everything with her. This bag is perfect because it’s lightweight and comes with a flexible clutch to help keep all the contents from becoming a scary mess. ($49)
  14. Luxe CZ T-Cuff: This stainless steel and cubic zirconia stunner is for the more practical and classic fashionista. It’s a lovely way to let someone know you care, especially because this is a piece she can wear daily. ($55)
  15. Love Ring:  Aside from the fact that it’s stainless steel and available in 3 colors with cubic zirconia accents, this one needs no explanation. Give it so someone who loves classic pieces and loves you as much as you love them ♥ ($45)
  16. Crystal Cross Ring: This beauty is sterling silver embedded with cubic zirconia, everyone loves these. This is another one of those super safe options, but it’s also a stunner so you can’t go wrong! ($45)

xo #WasabiDolls

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