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Get Glam (and Fit) with Tiff

I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous lady during a wild trip to Vegas a few years ago, shortly after she began her journey as a fitness enthusiast turn personal trainer and fitness guru (she literally eats, sleeps and breaths fitness). This blonde bombshell always gave me iconic character “Ginger,” played by Sharon Stone from the classic film, Casino (during the “good years” of course). So it’s only right that we got to capture her in a retro fabulous look! We wanted to find out a little more about how our muse got fit and how she can get the rest of us there too…

Q&A with Tiffany Lynn Carter of Tiffany Lynn Fitness

Shari Williams: What did you do before becoming a kick ass personal trainer and fitness coach?
Tiffany Lynn: I wasn’t doing much in the fitness area that’s for sure! I was working, mostly, but that “21 drinking bod” came out and I wasn’t happy plus my love for food didn’t help. When I found out you can lift weights to eat more I wasn’t saying no!
SW: What’s your favorite cheat meal?
TL: Pizza and cookies!
SW: What is your ultimate fitness goal?
TL: I would absolutely love to be able to travel and spread my love for fitness. Building my online training has been a great start. I love being able to help out people all over the country instead of just who is in my area.
SW: What’s your best advice for a bride that’s trying to drop those last pesky lbs before their big day?
TL: For one, don’t cut your calories and starve. You’ll only wind up putting on weight or binging out, creating more accumulated fat. I’d say choose healthier options and start slow by going on walks at night with your groom to be. Incorporating fitness into your lifestyle shouldn’t be drastic and it shouldn’t be stressful!
SW: What’s your training style?
TL: Lifting weight as heavy as I can. Women usually think this is going to “bulk them up” but I’ve been training for over three years and I’m still waiting for that to happen..
SW: How long did it take you to get from where you started to where you are now?
TL: I’ve been training over three years, weight training that is. I’ve always been active but weight training has only been for a short period.
SW: What’s the best advice you can give someone who’s struggling with their health and/or weight?
TL: Start slow, there’s no one in the race but you. Definitely don’t compare yourself to others because everyone’s bodies are different. Looking back, if you had started when you said you were going to, you would already be closer to where you want today. Lastly, don’t give up. One cheat meal won’t set you back and eating healthy one day won’t make you lose weight.
SW: Name one thing that would surprise people to know about you.
TL: I love to sing. I’m no where close to being good at it but when I’m alone I’m singing like I’m Christina Aguilera!
Meet your new favorite trainer at:

Hair, Makeup & Styling by Pink Wasabi Dolls, Talie, Pamela and Shari

Dress: Mara Hoffman via

Jewelry: Pink Wasabi

Photo Credit: Geoffrey Paugam

Hair Trends 2016

This is your #WasabiDoll forecast for Winter 2015/2016’s trends in hair fashion! Time to stock up on your favorite frizz taming solutions because the new trends are both a mixture of Modern & Sleek. Minimalism is a key element of the up & coming trends. Along with a touch of elegance and a hint of 70’s Glamour. The 90’s influences and boho waves are still strong only slightly edited to give a feel of a no effort appearance but having a little more of a straight structure in texture. We have noticed a boost in our cliental requesting more sleek and structured  yet effortless styles as they have seen on the runways of New York Fashion Week. We’ve literally received requests such as, “I would like it slicked back and like I did it myself.

  • Pony Tails

This year ponytail hairstyles are either tight and poker straight or fully relaxed and messy with fly-away strands. All of these looks are a great way to create a focus on other aspects of your look. Throw on statement earrings, simple and always classic hoops or stud earrings to instantly give your look a remix!

  • Bun Hairstyles 2016

This year buns and knots are updated with modern twists and accessories and look highly fashionable. Instead of wearing classy bun you can turn it into a stylish up-do with a  simple touch; just complete it with wet look or add a eye catching  accessory.

  • Wet Effect

Wet effect is back, and yes, this Winter and Spring you can wear hairstyle with wet look. Just like previous season slicked hairstyles 2016 designs are simple and classy.

  • Boho Waves 2016

Relaxed and messy waves in bohemian style have made their way to us and are popular once again. Natural beauty is more appreciated now and it concern to both hairstyles and makeup.  You can check out runway looks were models are wearing boho waves completed with no makeup look. Boho waves are created on both long and medium short hair.

Popular ideas of boho waves are loose center parted or side parted hairstyles. Several long hairstyles were completed with wispy bang that visually makes face more proportionate.

  • Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have a special place in fashion and this is why every season designers present new collection of accessories to complete outfits and new hairstyles. 2016  accessories are massive and eye catching with Stones and bright colors. Any of these accessories can turn simple hairstyle into  something really unique.

We can’t wait to see all the different ways you’re all styled this season!

Fashionably yours,

Talie Santiago

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