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#WasabiWednesdays: NEXT WEEK


Clear your calendar – #WasabiWednesdays kicks off on August 31st, the kids are back to school and now it’s time to unwind and treat yourself to our pampering festivities. Pink Wasabi is taking over the lounge at Red Koi in Coral Gables, for a night of fun, beauty, wellness, shopping, delicious sushi and libations. VIP Passes (aka: the BEST $20 you’ll ever spend) and $10 Pampering Passes and Free Shopping Passes are available! Come one, come all, bring a guest, and pampered then get glam! #WasabiWednesdays is the perfect way to treat yourself and your favorite people… Tickets:



Glam Bags for VIP Pass Holders

3 Raffle Prizes

Braid Bar

Nail Bar





Tops, Rompers and Everything In Between by Vintage Soul

Pink Wasabi Jewelry x Rochenne Sol for Pink Wasabi (Fine Jewelry)

VIP Passholders will recieve a Glam Bag with full of luxury beauty goodies

AND priority access to all of our services!

(basically, you get unlimited services by skipping ahead of guests with general admission)

We’ve reduced the availability of VIP Passes so this event can run as smoothly as possible for all of our guests.

Complementary Prosecco and Drink Specials!


(don’t worry, we’ll never bombard you with emails)


Rustic Glam Bride






Model: Tiffany Lynn Carter

Photographer: Geoff Paugam

– Styling by the Wasabi Dolls –

Hair: Talie Santiago

Makeup: Pamela Love

Wardrobe & Jewelry: Shari Williams


Get Glam (and Fit) with Tiff

I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous lady during a wild trip to Vegas a few years ago, shortly after she began her journey as a fitness enthusiast turn personal trainer and fitness guru (she literally eats, sleeps and breaths fitness). This blonde bombshell always gave me iconic character “Ginger,” played by Sharon Stone from the classic film, Casino (during the “good years” of course). So it’s only right that we got to capture her in a retro fabulous look! We wanted to find out a little more about how our muse got fit and how she can get the rest of us there too…

Q&A with Tiffany Lynn Carter of Tiffany Lynn Fitness

Shari Williams: What did you do before becoming a kick ass personal trainer and fitness coach?
Tiffany Lynn: I wasn’t doing much in the fitness area that’s for sure! I was working, mostly, but that “21 drinking bod” came out and I wasn’t happy plus my love for food didn’t help. When I found out you can lift weights to eat more I wasn’t saying no!
SW: What’s your favorite cheat meal?
TL: Pizza and cookies!
SW: What is your ultimate fitness goal?
TL: I would absolutely love to be able to travel and spread my love for fitness. Building my online training has been a great start. I love being able to help out people all over the country instead of just who is in my area.
SW: What’s your best advice for a bride that’s trying to drop those last pesky lbs before their big day?
TL: For one, don’t cut your calories and starve. You’ll only wind up putting on weight or binging out, creating more accumulated fat. I’d say choose healthier options and start slow by going on walks at night with your groom to be. Incorporating fitness into your lifestyle shouldn’t be drastic and it shouldn’t be stressful!
SW: What’s your training style?
TL: Lifting weight as heavy as I can. Women usually think this is going to “bulk them up” but I’ve been training for over three years and I’m still waiting for that to happen..
SW: How long did it take you to get from where you started to where you are now?
TL: I’ve been training over three years, weight training that is. I’ve always been active but weight training has only been for a short period.
SW: What’s the best advice you can give someone who’s struggling with their health and/or weight?
TL: Start slow, there’s no one in the race but you. Definitely don’t compare yourself to others because everyone’s bodies are different. Looking back, if you had started when you said you were going to, you would already be closer to where you want today. Lastly, don’t give up. One cheat meal won’t set you back and eating healthy one day won’t make you lose weight.
SW: Name one thing that would surprise people to know about you.
TL: I love to sing. I’m no where close to being good at it but when I’m alone I’m singing like I’m Christina Aguilera!
Meet your new favorite trainer at:

Hair, Makeup & Styling by Pink Wasabi Dolls, Talie, Pamela and Shari

Dress: Mara Hoffman via

Jewelry: Pink Wasabi

Photo Credit: Geoffrey Paugam

#WasabiWednesdays: We’re Back!

Wasabi Wednesday Feb 24 Postcard

Hey Wasabi Guys and Dolls! It’s been a little while, so we had to bring back South Florida’s favorite pampering party, #WasabiWednesdays hosted by the ladies of Pink Wasabi. Thank you to everyone who came out and treated themselves to our sample beauty services, shopping, delicious sushi and cocktails by Obba Sushi of Coral Gables. We had the best time and we hope you did too! So we are beyond excited to be working on the March Edition so please stay tuned!

Here are some photos from our Ultimate Night-Out:

Photographer: Martin Framez


Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Here are some fabulous gift ideas for all the wonderful ladies in your life that you can shop directly from Pink Wasabi! We thought it would be nice to give you a little help choosing something that’s unique to the ladies you’re shopping for. Each item is numbered and the number will match a description and link directly to that item’s page! Not sure we could make it any easier, so here goes:

  1. Jeweled Crescent Earrings: Perfect for the ladies with classic style who prefer a stud with a little flare. ($12)
  2. Light Up the Sky Ring: If you need a little something extra to put under the tree for the trendsetter who loves changing up her rings regularly. ($7)
  3. Carolina Pearl Bib Necklace: This is for the classic statement necklace queen! This lady prioritizes her looks based on her need to wear a particular necklace. ($30)
  4. Adrianne Shoulder Bag: This was a very popular bag for us and we’ve brought it back in a few new colors! Designed for the girl on the go since it holds so much and can be worn in a few different ways. Bonus: It’s 100% Vegan. Named after one of our favorite girls, Adrianne F. in Philly ♥ ($49)
  5. Kelly Fringe Satchel: This is the quintessential boho chic bag, perfect for the fashion forward free spirit! Named after another fabulous friend and almost hippie, Kelly L. in San Francisco ♥ ($60)
  6. Marquise Fringe Necklace: So in love with this necklace! This one is a favorite of most women. It’s a classic layered style with a mixed metal appeal that goes with pretty much everything! You’re safe with this one. ($20)
  7. Sahara Tusk Necklace: This spin on the classic tusk pendant necklace has a few lovely little details that most women will love! Grab this for the girl that lives in black attire. ($19)
  8. Chloe Bib Necklace: Here’s another choice for that statement necklace lover! This is perfect for that edgy yet chic fashionista who likes taking fashion risks, and alway gets it right. ($40)
  9. Antique Jewel Earrings: These are a favorite of ours! We love them in all color combinations (we have 3). If you’re having trouble choosing a color, select the one that would look best against her hair color. ($18)
  10. Geometric Hand Chain: Reserve this one for the woman who loves to be different! If “everyone” is wearing it, she’d rather die? Yea, this is for her. ($15)
  11. lokai: If you have a zen yogi in your life, she’ll love that you thought about her need for balance and peace. With water from Mt. Everest and Mud from the Dead Sea you really can’t go wrong sharing the mantra that accompanies this bracelets. ($18)
  12. Eva Evening Bag: This is such a glamorous piece of arm candy, you may only imagine wearing it over the holidays or for special occasions. However, if you’re shopping for the woman that loves to brunch and socialize, this bag is perfect! It holds a lot more than just a phone and some lip gloss and can be worn year round. ($45)
  13. Pamela Chain Tote: Grab this for the woman that’s constantly on the go and always needs everything with her. This bag is perfect because it’s lightweight and comes with a flexible clutch to help keep all the contents from becoming a scary mess. ($49)
  14. Luxe CZ T-Cuff: This stainless steel and cubic zirconia stunner is for the more practical and classic fashionista. It’s a lovely way to let someone know you care, especially because this is a piece she can wear daily. ($55)
  15. Love Ring:  Aside from the fact that it’s stainless steel and available in 3 colors with cubic zirconia accents, this one needs no explanation. Give it so someone who loves classic pieces and loves you as much as you love them ♥ ($45)
  16. Crystal Cross Ring: This beauty is sterling silver embedded with cubic zirconia, everyone loves these. This is another one of those super safe options, but it’s also a stunner so you can’t go wrong! ($45)

xo #WasabiDolls

#TBT: Inside South Florida

How’s this for a throwback from my interview with David Aizer for “Inside South Florida” on SFL-TV the CW. I’m one of those many people that are horrified by the sound of their own voice, but I stepped out of my comfort zone, said a few things I shouldn’t and had some laughs while doing it! In the upcoming months look for me as I take leaps and bounds out of my comfort zone on our YouTube Channel, PinkWasabi-TV.

Thanks for tuning in!

Shari – Founder of Pink Wasabi Boutique & Wasabi Studios

Makeup by Daniela Cordoba

Spring With Us!

Spring is Springing around the shop! Check out some of our beautiful new jewelry pieces online or text us at 323-863-6PWS to stop by our Miami showroom after work for some retail therapy. Not that you didn’t already know but we always have something to sip & snack on when you stop by!

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