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Style trends for special occasions and everyday. Get inspired by our style and those who inspire us.

Bridal Style in Coral Gables


Enjoy Your Bridal Style in Coral Gables

B’Livinn eco-friendly spa & shop and Pink Wasabi are linking up to give destination brides and local brides alike the complete Princess treatment (we would say “Queen” but they seem to have more on their plates than a Princess)! Miami brides can meet with me (Shari aka your wedding and beauty planner) at B’Livinn to discuss wedding plans, venues, what to wear, hair, makeup, heels and everything in between. This beautiful location is the perfect place to spark your imagination and create the vision for your perfect wedding day.

Join us at one of our upcoming bridal events or allow us to create custom beauty and pampering packages complete with manis, pedis, facials and massages to treat yourself and your bridesmaids to something special. We can coordinate hair & makeup trials for you to discover your desired bridal style. I will consult with you about how you want to look on your wedding day and help you make that vision reality. A Bridal Spa Day is the perfect way to prep for your big day and we can organize everything for you and your ladies to have the most fabulous day before tying the knot.

Photos via B’Livinn

Rustic Glam Bride






Model: Tiffany Lynn Carter

Photographer: Geoff Paugam

– Styling by the Wasabi Dolls –

Hair: Talie Santiago

Makeup: Pamela Love

Wardrobe & Jewelry: Shari Williams


Get Glam (and Fit) with Tiff

I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous lady during a wild trip to Vegas a few years ago, shortly after she began her journey as a fitness enthusiast turn personal trainer and fitness guru (she literally eats, sleeps and breaths fitness). This blonde bombshell always gave me iconic character “Ginger,” played by Sharon Stone from the classic film, Casino (during the “good years” of course). So it’s only right that we got to capture her in a retro fabulous look! We wanted to find out a little more about how our muse got fit and how she can get the rest of us there too…

Q&A with Tiffany Lynn Carter of Tiffany Lynn Fitness

Shari Williams: What did you do before becoming a kick ass personal trainer and fitness coach?
Tiffany Lynn: I wasn’t doing much in the fitness area that’s for sure! I was working, mostly, but that “21 drinking bod” came out and I wasn’t happy plus my love for food didn’t help. When I found out you can lift weights to eat more I wasn’t saying no!
SW: What’s your favorite cheat meal?
TL: Pizza and cookies!
SW: What is your ultimate fitness goal?
TL: I would absolutely love to be able to travel and spread my love for fitness. Building my online training has been a great start. I love being able to help out people all over the country instead of just who is in my area.
SW: What’s your best advice for a bride that’s trying to drop those last pesky lbs before their big day?
TL: For one, don’t cut your calories and starve. You’ll only wind up putting on weight or binging out, creating more accumulated fat. I’d say choose healthier options and start slow by going on walks at night with your groom to be. Incorporating fitness into your lifestyle shouldn’t be drastic and it shouldn’t be stressful!
SW: What’s your training style?
TL: Lifting weight as heavy as I can. Women usually think this is going to “bulk them up” but I’ve been training for over three years and I’m still waiting for that to happen..
SW: How long did it take you to get from where you started to where you are now?
TL: I’ve been training over three years, weight training that is. I’ve always been active but weight training has only been for a short period.
SW: What’s the best advice you can give someone who’s struggling with their health and/or weight?
TL: Start slow, there’s no one in the race but you. Definitely don’t compare yourself to others because everyone’s bodies are different. Looking back, if you had started when you said you were going to, you would already be closer to where you want today. Lastly, don’t give up. One cheat meal won’t set you back and eating healthy one day won’t make you lose weight.
SW: Name one thing that would surprise people to know about you.
TL: I love to sing. I’m no where close to being good at it but when I’m alone I’m singing like I’m Christina Aguilera!
Meet your new favorite trainer at:

Hair, Makeup & Styling by Pink Wasabi Dolls, Talie, Pamela and Shari

Dress: Mara Hoffman via

Jewelry: Pink Wasabi

Photo Credit: Geoffrey Paugam

Classic Glamour

Our gorgeous “bride” (ehhem… model), Chloe is channeling the beauty and elegance of an earlier time. Like Caroline Bassett-Kennedy meets Marilyn Monroe (sans scandals). We styled her in an lace gown by Adrianna Papell and pearl jewelry from our own Pink Wasabi jewelry chest. Since we were going for a classic look, we chose to keep her makeup simple with that touch of glamour that only a red lip and perfectly winged liner can give you!

Love this look?

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The Modern Bride

The Modern Bride is about simplicity while still remaining glamorous and demure.






Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe Styling  & Photography the Pink Wasabi Team!

Bridal Accessories by Pink Wasabi


Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Here are some fabulous gift ideas for all the wonderful ladies in your life that you can shop directly from Pink Wasabi! We thought it would be nice to give you a little help choosing something that’s unique to the ladies you’re shopping for. Each item is numbered and the number will match a description and link directly to that item’s page! Not sure we could make it any easier, so here goes:

  1. Jeweled Crescent Earrings: Perfect for the ladies with classic style who prefer a stud with a little flare. ($12)
  2. Light Up the Sky Ring: If you need a little something extra to put under the tree for the trendsetter who loves changing up her rings regularly. ($7)
  3. Carolina Pearl Bib Necklace: This is for the classic statement necklace queen! This lady prioritizes her looks based on her need to wear a particular necklace. ($30)
  4. Adrianne Shoulder Bag: This was a very popular bag for us and we’ve brought it back in a few new colors! Designed for the girl on the go since it holds so much and can be worn in a few different ways. Bonus: It’s 100% Vegan. Named after one of our favorite girls, Adrianne F. in Philly ♥ ($49)
  5. Kelly Fringe Satchel: This is the quintessential boho chic bag, perfect for the fashion forward free spirit! Named after another fabulous friend and almost hippie, Kelly L. in San Francisco ♥ ($60)
  6. Marquise Fringe Necklace: So in love with this necklace! This one is a favorite of most women. It’s a classic layered style with a mixed metal appeal that goes with pretty much everything! You’re safe with this one. ($20)
  7. Sahara Tusk Necklace: This spin on the classic tusk pendant necklace has a few lovely little details that most women will love! Grab this for the girl that lives in black attire. ($19)
  8. Chloe Bib Necklace: Here’s another choice for that statement necklace lover! This is perfect for that edgy yet chic fashionista who likes taking fashion risks, and alway gets it right. ($40)
  9. Antique Jewel Earrings: These are a favorite of ours! We love them in all color combinations (we have 3). If you’re having trouble choosing a color, select the one that would look best against her hair color. ($18)
  10. Geometric Hand Chain: Reserve this one for the woman who loves to be different! If “everyone” is wearing it, she’d rather die? Yea, this is for her. ($15)
  11. lokai: If you have a zen yogi in your life, she’ll love that you thought about her need for balance and peace. With water from Mt. Everest and Mud from the Dead Sea you really can’t go wrong sharing the mantra that accompanies this bracelets. ($18)
  12. Eva Evening Bag: This is such a glamorous piece of arm candy, you may only imagine wearing it over the holidays or for special occasions. However, if you’re shopping for the woman that loves to brunch and socialize, this bag is perfect! It holds a lot more than just a phone and some lip gloss and can be worn year round. ($45)
  13. Pamela Chain Tote: Grab this for the woman that’s constantly on the go and always needs everything with her. This bag is perfect because it’s lightweight and comes with a flexible clutch to help keep all the contents from becoming a scary mess. ($49)
  14. Luxe CZ T-Cuff: This stainless steel and cubic zirconia stunner is for the more practical and classic fashionista. It’s a lovely way to let someone know you care, especially because this is a piece she can wear daily. ($55)
  15. Love Ring:  Aside from the fact that it’s stainless steel and available in 3 colors with cubic zirconia accents, this one needs no explanation. Give it so someone who loves classic pieces and loves you as much as you love them ♥ ($45)
  16. Crystal Cross Ring: This beauty is sterling silver embedded with cubic zirconia, everyone loves these. This is another one of those super safe options, but it’s also a stunner so you can’t go wrong! ($45)

xo #WasabiDolls

Olivia Palermo: Glam Neutrals

Getting ready for a first date or getting a little glam for a date night with your long time love can be mildly stressful. For that reason, we like to call on one of our favorite fashion influencers, Olivia Palermo, never fails to ‘wow’ us with her effortless glamour and classic style. Here she is at the Audemars Piguet Rodeo Drive grand opening celebration wearing the militaire crepe shirt maxi dress from Self-Portrait’s Resort collection. She kept it simple, yet luxurious by pairing it with a vintage bracelet from her own closet and Manolo Blahnik pumps. We’re not sure where her clutch is from, however, you know we always have that little extra something to finish off your look… (Shop Clutches)

Keep your hair and makeup light, bright and easy going, tousled waves and golden hues will complement this look perfectly. Whatever shade of dress you choose, make sure choose one facial feature to showcase. Here Olivia’s makeup artist focused on accentuated her eyes above all, which is always a great choice for a date night.

If you need styling for a big night, call us or book an appointment for whatever you need right here! xo


Image Source: Getty / Jason LaVeris

Black Tie Glam & Throwback Miley

We are in LOVE with these glamorous evening ensembles. Even if they’re being photographed during the day, these dresses are preparing to slay into the darkness! Also, can we please take a moment to reminisce on Miley Cyrus? We’re happy when a young women begins discovering herself, so this doesn’t come with judgement. She’s just so ultra feminine and stunning in when she’s not busy trying to shock us all.

Kerry Washington and Taylor Swift are also two fashionistas that almost always get it right! If you have a black tie event to attend, these are the ladies to watch. Keep in mind, there are so many fabulously dressed women in tinseltown but we like to keep these posts short and sweet… there’s always more to come!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Sweater Weather

As you may already know, the #WasabiDolls are located in South Florida so our Winter is can essentially be described as somewhere between beach and sweater weather. Floridians look forward to this time of year as do all of the snowbirds who flock here every year to escape the brutal (real) Winters of the north. So needless to say, a large majority of people probably enjoy sweater weather as much, if not, more than we love actually wearing sweaters (it’s the little things). In other parts of the country these look also work wonderfully during the Spring months as well, that is, if Mother Nature doesn’t play any frigid tricks on you this year.

Anyhow, here are several looks from a variety of bloggers and designers for you to be inspired by. Try them for your work week or on a day that you’re in the mood to play with layers and accessories.

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9 to 5 Chic

We stumbled upon style blogger, Anh (pronounced: on) a couple years ago and really admired her versatility in work wear while honoring her personal style and femininity. Keep in mind, not everyone has a “personal style” some of us just throw things on and there’s no emotion or personality involved in their appearance. While, we aren’t judging because if those ladies and gentlemen would like help with their 9 to 5 style we’re here, but we REALLY appreciate someone who has style that inspires. Ladies like Anh make us want to work smart and be efficient (that’s strictly an opinion, however we’re sure their must be some kind of science behind it). Either way, enjoy the soft sophistication of this stylish San Francisco Marketing Director and get inspired by her highly celebrated collection of photos from work and play on

Photo credit:

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