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Wedding ideas, inspiration, tips and tricks. Featuring weddings coordinated by our team and other professionals.

Bridal Style in Coral Gables


Enjoy Your Bridal Style in Coral Gables

B’Livinn eco-friendly spa & shop and Pink Wasabi are linking up to give destination brides and local brides alike the complete Princess treatment (we would say “Queen” but they seem to have more on their plates than a Princess)! Miami brides can meet with me (Shari aka your wedding and beauty planner) at B’Livinn to discuss wedding plans, venues, what to wear, hair, makeup, heels and everything in between. This beautiful location is the perfect place to spark your imagination and create the vision for your perfect wedding day.

Join us at one of our upcoming bridal events or allow us to create custom beauty and pampering packages complete with manis, pedis, facials and massages to treat yourself and your bridesmaids to something special. We can coordinate hair & makeup trials for you to discover your desired bridal style. I will consult with you about how you want to look on your wedding day and help you make that vision reality. A Bridal Spa Day is the perfect way to prep for your big day and we can organize everything for you and your ladies to have the most fabulous day before tying the knot.

Photos via B’Livinn

Destination Weddings by Pink Wasabi


Destination weddings in Florida AND the Dominican Republic and Mexico

Couples travel from all over the country to marry in our beautiful southern region of Florida from Palm Beach to the Florida Keys to the Caribbean. We specialize in creating your dream wedding experience with as much or as little involvement as you would like. I understand that it’s difficult to remotely plan and coordinate your wedding without physically being here, so I make it my business to really understand your taste and vision and I only work with the best professionals. You choose your wedding day vibe and I’ll help you find the right location for all your wedding related events and, of course, your wedding!

In addition to knowing all the right contacts in South Florida, I work with a vacation concierge at Tropical Shell Resorts with exclusive access to multiple luxury resort properties in both the Dominican Republic and Mexico. These resorts are all inclusive, 4 & 5 star luxury resorts. Your dream destination wedding plans will include pampering, multiple amenities and services, top notch choices of restaurants and al fresco buffet dining options, unlimited beverages and of course the sun, sand and sea.

Don’t forget that Fort Lauderdale is the Yachting capital of the world! So if you fantasize about your special day on the water, our beautiful Majesty 66 yacht maybe the perfect local for your wedding or a fun day for your guests to enjoy in the days before your wedding.


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Best Summer Wedding Advice (via Brides)


From your guests’ comfort to your bridal beautification, here’s a punch list of what to think about for your summer wedding.

1. Heat can exhaust people. Be mindful of how much you’re asking them to stand or walk outside in the heat and provide seating or special transportation if necessary.

2. It can be hard to feel swaggy if you’re all sweaty. Keep a travel-sized deodorant handy.

3. Humidity-proof your hair with anti-frizz and moisture-resistant products. Check with your hair stylist ahead of time to see what he or she plans on using. (special note: our #WasabiDolls are well versed in styling for our South Florida humidity)

4. Make sure your guests can take cover under some shade (an awning, trees, or parasols) if they will be outside for longer than a couple minutes.

5. Keep guests (and yourself!) hydrated at every turn. Cucumber-flavored water, iced tea, or lemonade is perfect for pre- and post-ceremony refreshments.

6. Ward off bugs and mosquitos with bug spray and citronella candles.

7. Give your ceremony programs a double identity: part program, part paper fans that guests can cool themselves with.

8. Apply sunscreen to your nose and other areas that may turn a little red once you’re outside long enough, like during your photos.

9. Spray your feet with anti-perspirant. This will help prevent blisters when the moisture in the air combines with your shoes’ leather that rubs against your feet.

10. Avoid wet grass (from sprinklers or summer storms), which means potential grass stains on your or your bridal party’s fancy shoes.

11. Ragweed is one of the most common summer allergens.Have an allergy solution on hand, either for you or your guests. An all-natural option like AllergEase lozenges are a great (and affordable) alternative to chemically-based meds.

12. Keep blotting papers in your clutch to freshen up without affecting your makeup.

13. Make sure you have your sunnies for in-between events. And think about hopping over to to purchase a bunch of cheap novelty pairs for your guests.

14. Check with your caterer and venue on exactly how they will keep food fresh and prevent spoilage. If you’re handling the food yourself, be sure to take proper precautions and/or simply choose summer-friendly foods like fresh fruit instead of cream-based concoctions.

15. Above all, play up your summertime nuptials! From a convertible getaway car to an ice cream truck, there are tons of fun ideas that make the other seasonal trade-offs totally worth it.

(via written by Christie Griffin Authier)

(Photo Credit: 4th Avenue Photography)

Ali & Wayne’s Delray Beach Wedding


There is so much to love about being hired to plan and coordinate the wedding of such a fun loving couple like Ali & Wayne. We were delighted by everything from Ali’s love of bright colors, all things sparkles and both her an Wayne’s love for their gorgeous Frenchie, Leila (she made her grand appearance on the wedding cake).

On March 20th 2016, 64 of Ali and Wayne’s closest friends and family gathered to share in this special day. The couple chose to have a fun beach brunch wedding, complete with french toast and eggs benedict at the Delray Sands Resort, in Highlands Beach, Florida.

Getting to know this Ali & Wayne was an absolute pleasure and then being amongst all the love of their family made for a perfect day that even Mother Nature and her rain couldn’t outshine!

Their Wedding Colors: Coral, Lime Green and Navy

Wedding Planning & Coordination by Pink Wasabi
Photography by 4th Avenue Weddings
Florals by Delray Beach Florist
Bridal Makeup by Pink Wasabi
MOH Hair by Pink Wasabi


5 Basic Wedding Tips

Plan for a Perfect Day!

We know you’re not all über rich celebrities but there are some very important aspects of this glamorous affaire that many couples fail to prioritize for their special day! If you take notice, the all around best weddings are when the couple’s focus is on fun with their family & friends… Not whether their cake pops are showcased in their intended location.

So here goes:

  1. We hope it’s obvious that you’re going to marry your best friend. Once you’ve got that part, you’re 90% of the way to your dream wedding!
  2. Invite the people you love the most, sometimes family members feel obligated to invite people that they think would be offended if they were left off the invite list. Truth is, you’re going to spot those people that are virtual strangers to you and be mildly annoyed at their presence. Don’t give into this type of F.O.M.O. that should not be your burden to bare. Have the best time with the people you want at your wedding! (This will play into the next tip)
  3. Have a budget, understand that you’re probably going to exceed it, but with proper planning you won’t go crazy. (Venue Coordinators don’t count. They represent the venue, not you.)
    1. If you’re highly budget conscious, it’s important that you give yourself time to save and pay for any upfront deposits as they come. (Ask us how we can help you with this)
    2. Include a planner in your budget ASAP, find the right person so when your special day arrives, you don’t have to worry about a thing!
    3. Understand the difference between hiring someone for Full Service Planning vs. Day Of Coordination. This directly plays into the level of involvement you will likely have on your wedding day in real time and having everything turn out the way you envisioned.
    4. As planners we can help you keep everything under control and help deliver the day of your dreams! AND you can relax and enjoy it in the moment!
  4. It’s okay to do your day, your way. But the food and drink better be good! Too many weddings have fantastic spreads for the cocktail hour followed by flavorless seated meals that may as well prepared by the “chef” at your local hospital. Part of your enjoyment on that day is going to be reliant on the enjoyment of your guests. If your guests scared of facing the aftermath of cheap wine and liquor they will either refrain from enjoying the liquid libations or create the final memories of your wedding with their head in the toilet bowl. (Refer back to #3.)
  5. Get out there and have the time of your life! Just because you aren’t the highest paid actress in Hollywood (see: Sofia Vegara), doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to get lost in the moment! Let someone else (like us) worry about the details so you can simply show up and begin your happily ever after!

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Relaxed & Married in Hollywood


Our first wedding of the 2015/16 season was with Tim and Mary of Indiana. This fun loving couple chose to have a destination wedding in Hollywood, FL at the Joseph Wesley Young Mansion. They used the house as both the accommodations and venue for their intimate wedding weekend. The wedding was coordinated by Isis Mesa Rubin of Love is in the Details Events, bridal party photos are courtesy of Gaby Chang Photography.

Mary and her female guests enjoyed a day of pampering spa day on location the day before followed by hair, makeup and catering by our PinkWasabi team on her big day! Their custom 4 course reception menu was curated and prepared by Chef Mass and his team. #PinkWasabi

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